Yoga teacher, Kerri

Kerri McCubben

Kerri McCubben‘s passion for yoga was ignited after her first Ashtanga class in 2010. After completing her Yoga Teacher Training with My Health Yoga, she is now an accomplished and sought after yoga teacher and a leading Ashtanga Yoga Instructor.

After 4 years of a dedicated daily practice Kerri travelled to India in 2014 where she lived for 7 months. During that time she meet the true teachers of Ashtanga and followed the lineage of Sri K Pattabhi Jois (“Guruji”). With the invaluable experience of gathering knowledge from some of the Yoga gurus, Kerri has incorporated the alignment and traditions of Ashtanga – keeping safe and strong, into teaching all the Yoga disciplines including Power, Hatha, Yin, Vinyasa LSD, Rocket and is now an accredited SUP Teacher.

Kerri’s philosophy is alignment. “When I started Yoga, I was interested in the physical practice, but over time I realised that Yoga is not just about the postures. It’s about the philosophy and following your breath and as a result, Pranayama, Shatkarmas and Meditation have become reinforced into my daily practice, gradually taking me further on my life journey, making my teaching personal, unique, light and spiritual”.

Most importantly, Kerri guides each student “every step of the way” and provides the education tools to establish and incorporate a self-practice into a busy life. Her mantra of “make it happen” along with her intuition and dedication enables her students to find a deeper practice. Kerri is a Yoga Alliance accredited E-RYT 350hr teacher trainer and is currently planning a series of Pranayama and Meditation workshops launching in Australia this year and then overseas. She is also developing a number of international Yoga retreats including 200hr Teacher Training with the objective to enhance her students individual yoga practice, helping them to find their intuition and giving them the faith to move gracefully on their spiritual journey.


I’ve practiced yoga and meditation daily for years. I’m passionate about sharing the practice with others. My teaching is casual, laid back and light hearted. I’m fond of dynamic as well as subtle practices – different bodies need different approaches on different days throughout different stages of life.

I completed my first yoga teacher training at Yoga Vidya Gurukul (a Bihar School of Yoga traditional Hatha Yoga, ashram intensive program in rural India) in 2010. Since then I’ve practiced, studied and taught around Australia, Asia and Europe, completing over 1000 hours of yoga teacher training in Power, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative and applied anatomy and physiology. Most notably, Shakti Power Yoga, Tripsichore Yoga, Yoga Medicine and Yoga Synergy have inspired my learning and teaching.

I’m also a naturopath completing a Bachelor of Health Science at the Australian College of Natural Medicine in 2009 and I’m almost an Acupuncturist, currently completing a Master of Health Science at RMIT University. I believe yoga, movement and mindfulness practices are powerful medicine.

Anna Woolcock

Anna Woolcock

Anna (Namdhan Kaur) is a Level 1 Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher and has recently completed her training under Guru Dass through the International College of Kundalini Yoga.  She is hoping to achieve her Level 2 Certification in the near future and currently teaches at Kundalini Yoga Brisbane.

Anna is an inspirational teacher, her classes are gentle, enjoyable and bring the right balance to your yoga, perfect for anyone who would like a real kundalini yoga experience. She is most passionate in serving others by delivering the teachings and ancient wisdom so others can connect to their individual higher consciousness and live with an expanded awareness to move through life’s ups and downs with grace, humility and compassion.

“I feel so alive and well practicing Kundalini Yoga, having access to this technology in today’s modern world is a blessing. Through personal experience and commitment it has taken me on a transformative journey and a deeper understanding of Self”.



Martin’s formal career as a mover started at age 9, when he decided he wanted to make a living as a professional ballet dancer. He did that, and along that road, some fifteen years ago, began the journey down the rabbit hole that is Yoga.

As rabbit holes tend to do, this took him ever deeper on a winding road. His road is one where movement is key. Marty is an E-RYT200, RYT500 and YACEP with Yoga Alliance. He completed his 200 hour training with Being Yoga, his 300 hour training with YogaMaze, and is currently studying with YogaMaze and internationally renowned teacher Noah Maze in his certification program.

Erica Knight

I have always had a deep fascination for movement in all its wonderful forms but find the holistic practice of yoga to be profoundly calming, rejuvenating, empowering and liberating. My style of yoga comes from Nicky Knoff and James Bryan of Knoff Yoga and is a blend of classical Ashtanga Vinyasa and Iyengar with modifications to sequencing to support the modern body safely through basic to more advanced asana progressions and flows.

My teaching style draws deeply from my education as an advanced Pilates practitioner and teacher of more than 10 years, and incorporates the Pilates principles for a stronger core and aligned posture. I am fascinated with the similarities between yoga asana and Pilates exercises and their common roots in callisthenics and gymnastics, and aim to respectfully layer these methods to present an authentic practice that results in a precise and powerful class where healing the body and calming the mind is the key focus.
My classes are educational, encouraging and nurturing, with the goal of empowering students to explore all kinds of movements and realise their greatest capabilities.
Yoga teacher, Zoe

Zoe Bauer

My passion for movement of the human body and my understanding of the value this brings to overall health and wellbeing inspired my decision to study yoga in 2012. While I was undergoing my teacher training for yoga, I was also studying a bachelor degree in Exercise and Sport Science, majoring in Clinical Exercise Physiology at the University of Queensland, graduating in December 2016.

I have applied the knowledge and practical experience I gained from both of these disciplines in the style of yoga class that I teach. I have a focus on building the perfect balance of strength and flexibility in the body – with focuses in my classes being on correct technique and core stabilization.

With my background in dance, you will find yourself flowing to music in my class. After class your body will feel strengthened, lengthened, and re-energized – ready to take on the world!


Izzy has always been interested in non-competitive sports and exercise since childhood. He strongly believes that the human body requires daily movement in order to achieve a balanced state of mind and to keep the body in overall health.

“Yoga Asana combined with awareness of breath is a great tool for calming the fluctuations of the mind and bringing us back into a blissful state of presence.” Izzy studied in Indonesia and is a RYT 200 hour yoga teacher graduate. He holds certifications in teaching Pre/Post Natal, and Children/Teen yoga.  He is also a Fitness Instructor in Brisbane and currently studying to become a Personal Trainer and Remedial Massage therapist.

Eventually, he wishes to combine all healing modalities and work with correcting postural imbalances as to free the body of energetic blockages, which prevent the flow of prana (life-force energy). He is enjoying the beautiful journey of being a Yoga teacher and sharing loving energy with all he comes in contact with.

Andrea Atkinson

Movement and creativity have followed me around all of my life. Dance led me to yoga, yoga to kickboxing, kickboxing to fitness training and the beauty of how all of them flow together.

My ballet training began at the age of four at the School of Alberta Ballet, graduating into their Professional Division Program at the age of eight.  The love of performing led me to the International School of Ballet and the Jeunesse Classique Ballet Company.

I took my first yoga class at the age of 14 to supplement my dance training and I was hooked immediately with the way the class flowed and the feeling that it gave me afterwards.

Always being the tiniest dancer, strength training led me to kickboxing where I learned that the discipline and preciseness of the martial arts was not far off of what I had learned from dance.

My dream of furthering my knowledge and becoming a yoga instructor was finally realized in the spring of 2011, when I was privileged to travel to India to study Ashtanga in the birthplace of Yoga. The experience was more than what I could have imagined, learning from people that grew up as yogis, including a Swami who taught us Pranayama and Philosophy.  I am so grateful for the life changing experience; of being so focused, totally immersed, and breathing yoga for 12 hours every day. I am so excited to share this feeling with others as I embark further on life’s path.

Stephanie Kate

Stephanie Kate

I’m a passionate sharer of knowledge and eager to facilitate a safe and nurturing environment for people to enjoy, to grow, and to move forward in a positive way in their own personal journey.

My personal practice is Ashtanga Yoga, having studied Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training and Therapy with David Swenson and Manju Jois, and have travelled to Mysore India and Bologna Italy to further my practice and knowledge studying in Mysore at KPJAYI and the European Academy of Ashtanga Yoga in Bologna. I balance this style of Yoga with a Yin Yoga practice having studied with Jo Phee on multiple occasions revealing another side to my yoga journey and practice.

I draw upon my background in dance, meditation and holistic counselling training and experience, and continuous yogic training to deliver well-rounded, passionate classes that can guide, uplift and equip you with the keys to cultivate a happy, joyous and balanced life.

My personal healing journey and comprehensive studies has equipped me with knowledge and skills that I want to share with you. I want to help others through their own personal journey and to help them discover their own power and healing through yoga.

Kathlyn Delimon

It all started in 2013 when I left my corporate life in NYC with a very sore liver, an angry GI tract, a tender heart, a wandering mind, and no real plan. Seven months later I found myself in Thailand at a seven day silent meditation retreat. (Basically because I was robbed and had no-where else to go, but that’s beside the point!) . Very unplanned but forever changed my life.
in 2015 I lived at the Sivananda Ashram as a Karma Yogi for four months. It was here where I started to feel a deeper connection to yoga. Being immersed in the teachings and understanding the real science behind yoga, I started to treat my practice more of a “work in” instead of a “work out.”

 I would pass on to friends the wellbeing knowledge I was accumulating. And in doing so, discovered my passion in life – to help others to improve how they feel. My goal now is to open up the world of yoga, meditation / mindfulness and reiki to people who think they can’t do it, and to share with them that it is so much more than flexibility, strength, spirituality, or ability to still the mind. It is more about the happiness that unfolds from realizing your full potential.

“Unify with Bliss” means to merge or become one with joy or whatever bliss is to you.  However that looks, feels, smells or sounds. It’s your BLISS, nobody else’s! Through “Unify with Bliss” I hope that people can gain more knowledge, information and tools to  lead a more healthy, attainable and sustainable lifestyle which will ultimately lead to a happier life.