New Moon

New Moon


7.30 – 8.15PM

 Saturday 23rd September 

* Friday 20th October  

* Saturday 18th November 

*  Saturday 15th December

Meditation at the time of each New Moon offers an opportunity to strengthen resolves, get clear about where we are going and consciously release the past.

We learn from the Upanishads that our future is the result of our present thoughts, our present the result of past thoughts and therefore it’s this moment that determines everything.

If we continue to hold onto the past, whether emotionally or materially we are limiting ourselves and carrying the past into the future which we generally don’t want! Gaining control over our thoughts and becoming more aware of our motivations through meditation is a fundamental part of consciously setting our lives on the right track.

Both the New Moon and Full Moon time offer great significance for growth on the spiritual path. The energy at this time influences our emotions and can help reveal where our strengths and weaknesses dictate our decisions and how, through Yoga the confidence we gain can help us to be honest with ourselves to see where we can correct our thoughts to make a shift that allows us to again move forward.

New Moon can be a deeply introspective time and also offers the greatest support for those who want transform their lives.

Energetically the new moon time offers a positive shift in perspective and often direction, using this energy through meditation we can set new resolves, strengthen existing ones and tune into our inner self constantly so that we always make decisions for our highest good.