Weekly Meditation Classes

Correct meditation allows complete physical and mental relaxation, it offers an opportunity to uncover vast amounts of knowledge within and to fully understand yourself and others. It’s helpful if you wish to overcome fears or doubts and helps you develop greater confidence and clarity of mind.

During each class you’ll receive practical guidance on establishing and enhancing a regular daily practice, as well as experiencing the meditation and learning about the techniques to withdraw the senses and sit quietly, effortlessly and experience peace within.

We will practice relaxation, deep breathing, warm up exercises and meditation each session, beginning with a few shorter meditations and leading into a longer sitting as practice develops over the course weeks. You will not have to sit the whole time, please bring with you your own favourite meditation cushion, yoga mat and blanket

The courses at Home of Yoga will be step-by-step with breathing exercises, mantra, visualisation and concentration, these techniques help create an easy and straightforward process that allows for a meditation practice you can use life-long.

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