Beginners Yoga

beginners yoga

Why You Should Try Yoga

At Home of Yoga New Farm we teach yoga that is a combination of Ashtanga, hatha, vinyasa and Power yoga. It is a dynamic combination. At the beginner yoga level, you will of course get a thorough grounding in the basic hatha postures. These postures are the foundation of all of the more advanced yoga that you will slowly build up to. The emphasis is on having you learn and do yoga postures that are at your level, that anyone can do. The training will include key parts of yoga such as Asana (movement), Pranayama (breath) and Meditation (focus/mind) in line with the authentic essence of yoga, and the teachings of the great Indian sages.

The advantages of the yoga you will learn with us include:

  • Instructors give clear instruction that details how to get into the poses
  • Due to clear instruction, you do learn to do the poses correctly rather than rushing through them
  • Having a better understanding of poses gives you the independence and confidence to practice at home
  • Because you are shown how to get into postures, and do get into them, you get all the health, energy and calming benefits that yoga gives you
  • Postures are taught in steps, making sure the foundation of the pose is right, which makes them easier to do and learn
  • The teachers take the time to assist, and know how important it is to do so
  • Yoga teachers are trained and certified, and supervised by a long term and experienced teacher. You are in safe hands, with maximum learning opportunity
  • Over time, you are trained in how to do more advanced positions, but only when your body and mind is ready for them. You feel comfortable and supported, but in due course get even more of the wonderful benefits that keep drawing more and more people to yoga.
  • There is a minimal chance of hurting yourself with our studio, because of the knowledge and support of teachers.